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Now that some good weather is on the way it's time for flying, this past Memorial Day weekend I went out to the National Sport Launch (NSL) held in Geneseo, NY this is the first time I attended a NSL and I have to say I had a good time both in flying and meeting fellow rocketeers. I lauched an AeroTech Mustang rocket several times from E to G motors. Vern & Gelda Estes were on hand all weekend signing model rockets on the field. I even got to sign a Big Bertha rocket for Vern Estes to take home with him for his personal museum (see photos above). In all it was a great flying weekend and my hats off to MARS for hosting the event.

I'm proud to say that another one of my models is on display at the Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum in Rhinebeck, NY and it is a fitting place for it. A few years back in finishing my last NARTREK Advanced Level I built a 1/1 scale Le Puire WWI air to air rocket. Last year I brought the rocket down to them (after emailing them about it) in September I went down for a show and to see what they had done to make it an exhibit, I was impressed with what they did (see photo section for pictures of the exhibit). If you haven't gone down for a show please do so it is the only place to see flying WWI aircraft. See Sport Rocketry March/April 2018 Magazine for more information.

The Giov Challenge Program is up and running, this challenge will be for anyone; young or old, experienced or not in model rocketry. The hope of this program is to bring back some of the lost model building techniques of yesterday. This challenge is even open to High Power Fliers looking for something different. Go to "Giov Challenge" page for more information. Earn the Giov-Research challenge "Medalion".

The "challenge" will be to build from plans a single stage model rocket, a multi-stage model rocket and last but not least do a research project to earn the Giov-Research challenge "Medalion", the idea is to get people (young or old) building models.

The Giov Challenge is looking for the first person to complete it. The challenge is to build from plans 1 of 3 rockets. I've gotten a few questions: "It only costs $5 to complete the program"? That is correct. One can go and build the Auriga, fly it, email in a photo of the model in flight and receive a certificate of stage-1 completion, make or attach a booster section to the same model, fly it as a staged model, email in a photo and receive a 2nd stage certificate of completion. The final stage can be an R&D report using the NAR R&D rules for your write-up or for $60 dollars one can buy the Fire Rocket build and fly it email the photo if it in flight to complete the final stage and receive the "Medalion" its important to note that the $60 fee includes shipping and handling. (The R&D report can be what ever you want from science to engineering, but it must include model/high power rocketry). At some point I will be putting some kits together of the Auriga model rocket and others if the need arises.

During the summer I opted to take the challenge myself I did a total re-build of the my 1998 Auriga design. It was flown as both a single and booster stage, the flights were awesome (see photos in auriga rebuild section). The model was flown a couple of different times with an jolly logic altimteter on broad. I then wrote up an engineering report using NAR R&D rules. I was able to take a my 1998 Auriga design and using RocSim make some changes for what I think is a really neat model. Currently the Queensbury High School Rocket club has been working there way through the challenge. I helped these "young rocketeers" . early this year with there TARC flights, these 5 kids are "go getters" for rocketry knowledge.

We here at Giov-Research are also getting ready for the 2024 total solar eclipse. This eclipse will be visible along the east coast. So I'll be looking for people to conduct a small experiment during the eclipse. Please see the solar eclipse experiment section for our final report.

The Planetary Society is getting ready to launch a second generation LightSail 2 spacecraft in 2018. LightSail 1 was successfully launched in 2015 and proved the theory of lightsail (using the photons/solar wind of the sun) for travel through space. I can remember when all this started with Carl Sagan in the early 1980's one of my reasons for joining the Planetary Society. We hope much success with this 2nd launch. If you would like to know more I'll refer you to the Planetary Society website found in the Links section.

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I'm certified to help teachers with using Model Rocketry in the classroom, if any teacher in the Albany area or surrounding counties want to go through this program and be certified to teach Model Rocketry in there classrooms please contact me.

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