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This graph was made after a series of motor test's, showing about 16 newtons!

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"The Stick Rocket" after flight - a nozzle end view!

What are Bravo Nine Motors?

"The Rocket Motor Factory in a Box" was a kit released by October Science Educational Industries, LLC.
The idea is for anyone to build there own "Model Rocket Motors", using Potassium Nitrate & Sucrose as the Propellant Fuel.
When I first saw the kits I was a little skeptical about the whole idea, but after reading the "User Manual" and looking around on line for any mishaps and finding none, other than the fun people were having with these motors did I begin to build and test fire the motors.

I did 14 Static Tests and had no problems, other than some warping of the PVC casing and followed that by doing 4 actual test flights using the "Stick Method" for stability. The test flights were a little tricky as you needed to pay extra attention to your surroundings as when these motors fire/launch, they do it quickly. I was able to recover only one of the "Stick Rockets" as I call them, landing 141ft from the launch point, the other 3 were lost.

I continue to work on these motors, testing the problems of timing the ejection charge just right. So stay posted!

I've been working on ending this test project. It's difficult to get the timing down between tracking and ejection charge firing, but I continue to work on this issue to prefection. I've been conducting flight testing using a Jolly Logic altimeter when complete I will post the results here. These motors are based around "core burning" so there's a high amount of thrust, I've been able to record altitudes of about 400 feet making them comparable to an estes 'B' or 'C' motors.