~ MR SAP ~

"Model Rocket Sampling of Atmospheric Particles"

Can any one identify the creature seen (within red circle) in the photo? The creature walked around with 4 to 6 legs and could only be seen under the microscope! The power here is @ 100x!

The Photo above ia a CCD image from a MR SAP flight using a gelatine solution flown on 8/1/10, some kind of bug/creature (within red circle) was seen walking around, it was tough to tell, but it had either 4 or 6 legs. This little guy was found by chance as I notice that something was moving on the slide but I thought I was seeing things! The creature stayed within the confines of an algea or mold patch, he was tough to see and it was only by chance that I was able to get a picture of the little guy!

A little history behind MR SAP.

I started to work on this as a project for my advanced NARTREK Level using a two sided sticker material. The material was placed along the side of the model rocket and flown, yielding some good results. Over the years I've continued to advance not only the material to capture the particles, but the sampler capsules. The model is flying at high speed, so I've had to look for ways to slow the air down for catching particles and not damage the sampler material!

• I'm still working on this project and have designed a new rocket specific to atmospheric particle collecting.

• When the design has flown successfully I will post the results here.